Wild Rose Fusion Body Polish

Wild Rose Fusion Body Polish

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Keeping ourselves healthy goes beyond nutrition and what we put inside our body. It also includes what we put on the outside of our bodies, what we do to nurture and protect our largest organ, the skin.⠀
At Bathe Body we use a mix of the highest quality salts to make our beautiful Body Polishes including, Dead Sea Salts, Himalayan Salt and a special blend of Sea Salts all mixed with our signature blend of essential oils and finished off with jojoba oil, coconut oil and pure almond oil (almond oil only used in one of our Body Polish blends).⠀
We source only the highest quality Australian ingredients and wherever possible choose organic and or ethically derived ingredients to insure we adhere to our own quality standards.
Each and every packet of our Bathe Body products contain ingredients that will keep your body hydrated, youthful and glowing.

A spa like treatment in the comfort of your home