Tranquility Bath Tea Treatment
Tranquility Bath Tea Treatment

Tranquility Bath Tea Treatment

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Specially hand blended to hydrate and nourish your skin whilst providing you with a unique and luxurious bathing experience, there’s nothing more relaxing then our Bathe Body Bath Tea. ⠀
Made using a beautiful mix of salts, botanicals and essential oils, experience some of these incredible benefits from regular use of our bath tea

2 bags per box 

 Stress relief⠀
 Reducing muscle aches⠀
 Improving circulation⠀
 Headache relief⠀
 Speeding up wound healing⠀
 Use during illness, especially respiratory illness⠀
 Improve and promote a more restful sleep⠀
Assist in soothing acne, eczema & other skin irritations.⠀
 Improves skin hydration⠀
Amongst many, many other healing properties, not to mention the fact my bath tea will leave both your skin feeling incredible.⠀